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Why many students fail and why you may want to consider a local 1 on 1 private home tutor for your son or daughter?

Have you ever forced yourself to understand a certain topic, yet no matter how much time you put yourself through it, you still cannot grasp such information? As much as possible, all students should understand all subjects that they encounter in order to proceed to the next level. However, there are certain times wherein their brains don’t function the way it should be. This may be the reason why some students fail in certain subjects. Why wait for students to fail? Why not immediately seek for professional help such as hiring a local private home tutor who can help your son or daughter by providing individualized instructions directly at your home in Mamaroneck.?  if you answers yes to this question then we got you covered. 

How does our company help Westchester and Fairfield County parents improve their son's and daughter's academic success?

Our company Tutoring Services, LLC provides tutor match making services for the state of CT and NY, some of the counties that we focus on include, Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven counties.   We help parents find reliable private local home tutor in Mamaroneck NY or online tutor.   Tutors who are you matched with are independent contractors providing their own pricing, their own tutor discount packages help you save money on educational expenses.  Parents can search for our tutors through the very same site or ask us for help by calling on phone number above to find academic tutor in specific subject (based on parent or guardian budget and other match making criteria) such as Math, Science, English or major test prep subjects such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, Praxis,MCAT, NYSTCE and other exams and subjects.

Trying to prepare for English Subject?

Our instructors in Westchester county NY can help you prepare for your Academic English mid term or final exam.  We have experts specializing in test preparation for major subjects where reading and writing skills are essential, especially in the early stages of student's academic life.   Feel free to check out our local professional English Tutors in Westchester County area who can help your son or daughter prepare for your English subject exam.  If studying for your english exam form the local tutor is not an option or too expensive, we have also provided useful link below from our partners for students who need help in academic writing. Our company specializes in local area test preparation help for students studying english high school, college, middle school subjects, but sometimes our local experts are too expensive for some students in which case some students may consider help of an online writing company.

Recommended College Admission writing company for students who need help with their college paper

Writing can be pleasant and creative way of spending free time. But usually it's not the case when we talk about academic writing. When the deadline is almost here and the words just don't come out of your head it's a very dreadful feeling. We know it because we were students as well not too long ago. But here is the option you can either prepare for your essay with the help of professional company such as Tutoring Services, LLC who can match make you with local or online tutors to help you tackle your college paper or visit our English Study Guide section to view study guides for English Reading/Writing subject or any other english related test. Out team is composed of talented writers who are well educated in different fields and subjects. So if you find it interesting, give us a try!


How do our home tutoring prices compare to other companies in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT?

        Our prices are the best, simply because we have entire network of local tutoring sites, that helps us recruit high quality tutors for affordable price and help us beat any other local tutoring company in Mamaroneck such as learning centers or other agencies, by charging much lower tutoring agency comission hourly rate, much lower then any other company in Westchester County, meaning our tutors are more affordable then other company tutors and are higher quality.  For Westchester County tutoring hourly rates visit our Tutor Pricing page for Westchester County residents site Note Mamoreneck site  happens to be one of many of our marketing websites, just like any other page we have such as New Rochelle tutoring site, Scarsdale NY home tutoring site, White Plains NY private local tutoring website, Rye New York Westchseter County Tutoring site, Stamford local tutoring site, Greenwich Fairfield County private home tutoring site, New Canaan local home tutoring website in CT and many others

         We have created multiple network of tutoring websites to reduce our marketing expenses and help students save money on education and have competitive edge over any other company in Westchester County NY, Fairfield County or New Haven.   Note we also pre-screen out tutors and do not let random tutors into our system, unless they go through enrollment process, if curious to see how we recruit tutors and what we offer for them and why our tutors stay with us and work with us as well as see what methods we use to pre-screen our Westchester County tutors.  In there you will find how rigorous we can get when we enroll someone into our system to work with us, after all student's safety is our top priority.

How exactly does our marketing strategy of tutoring sites help parents of Mamorenck get more affordable tutors and higher quality?

       How exactly having so many sites help Westchester County NY helps parents save money?  Well the answer is simple, other big companies who have one site are forced to pay a lot of money for advertising each section of their site, resulting in paying more money for each click they pay on google or bing.  This results in them charging you higher agency comission fees.  Hence anytime you see only 1 site for example 1 big tutoring site, this automatically means that chances are this site either has huge tutoring agencies comission fees or some other catch. 

Don't feel like working through the agency to help you with tutor match making?  We got you covered on that option too!

     There are excpetions to that rule of course, but based on our research we found this to be 99% of the case, within exception of 1% and that 1% happens to be also where one of our major sister sites falls into called this site goes against all of the other competitors, meaning no other competitor in tutoring match making industry can beat what the site offers, which is 0 tutoring agency comission fee, and basically tutor and student can work direclty without agency at all, however tutoring match quality is lower and our preferred recommendation choice for Westchester County parents is to work through the agency CallMyTutor based business model as oppose to attempting to work with tutor directly for reasons why it's more beneficial to work with Tutoring Services, LLC agency directly as oppose to working with tutors directly feel free to visit our sister site , even though you can too through after you pay $15 fee to get the first lesson free from the tutor, where $15 would go towards our company to help us maintain the site.

Independent Tutoring option without tutoring agency helping with the match is great option too, however there is a but......

       This option is great if you prefer not to work through the agency and not interested in having higher quality match, do not care about rigorous pre-screening, and extensive background checks, not interested in meeting tutor face to face over video, not interested in obtaining higher quality tutor based on exactly on what you are looking for and not interested in taking advantage of tutor discount package pricing that many tutors offer, and not interested in phone support, however if you want what's best for you and for your child and want quality then don't hesitate to call that phone number on top right corner to help you get matched with one of our tutors who Tutoring Services, LLC works directly with, or simply search for your tutor directly on this site.  We make it easy to search for tutors, study guides through our entire network of sites.

       For actual science behind why our marketing method allows us to stay in business and beat our competition and their prices visit our Westchester County Tutoring page section called Tutor Jobs, it describes science behind marketing and why many other tutoring agencies in Westchester County simply fail to provide affordable education for students, due to basically inability of marketing themselves the way Tutoring Services, LLC  our company does. 

So what type of tutoring services does our company offer for Mamaroneck NY and Westchester County residents?

Private Local Home Tutoring in Mamaroneck for Westchester County residents

1 on 1 private home tutoring, or group based tutoring directly in student's home or local library or any other designated public place.

Online Tutoring for Mamaroneck and Westchseter County Residents

Our company is not just home tutoring match making company, but we also have online tutoring options that can save money for parents in comparison to local home tutorin Mamaroneck.

Self Guided Alternatives and Online Video courses

We have vide variety of study guides, great supplementary method of learning in addition to tutoring or instead of tutoring, great options for parents who can't afford neither local nor online tutor.  We offer teacher test prep services as well, where where we help educators become certified teachers in specific subjects such as Biology for example or other subjects.  This method is also greate for Elementary Level, middle school, high school and college level students.  Variety of study guides selection from multiple sources pooled together.

Hybrid Mathematics Match making Services with intercombination of local and online tutor matched by our company specifically for Mamaroneck NY resident in Westchester County

Have you ever wanted to have both?  High quality math tutor and online?  This option is for parents who simply want the best but can't afford the best for all of the sessions but can afford for some sessions.

Click following link to view more details about what types of Westchester County NY tutoring services offered by our tutors and by our company.

Many of our tutors can declare either they provide 1st hour lesson or not.

        When selecting your tutor pay close attention to their profile to see if tutor provides first 1 hour lesson.   Some tutors may provide first lesson, and some may not depending on who the tutor is.  Good news is we make ti easy for parents to search for such tutors through our callmytutor site, helping parents find the right tutor depending on the set of criteria, such as grade level, subject, skill level,  years of experience, who offers discount packages, what type of tutoring discount packages, how much discount is provided and many other match making criteria.

     When tutors sign up with us we tell them that first hour is risk free, meaning if parent does not, like the tutoring for whatever reason we follow the policy customer is always right.   Meaning if student or parent did not like the tutor they are not obligated to pay for the first hour, however if everything went well then regular tutor's hourly rate apply.

Our tutor and student match making platform for Westchester County NY and Fairfield County Parents help parents make easy decision of who to hire based on neatly crafted tutoring profiles.

In order to make your decision of who to hire, it's probably a good idea to see everything in a neatly organized way.   Here are just some of the items parents may be able to see in tutor's profiles.

  1. Pic
  2. Intro video
  3. Tutor's about info
  4. Subjects instructor can tutor
  5. Grade Levels corresponding to subject
  6. Skill Level
  7. Years of Experience
  8. Educational experience
  9. Teaching Certificates
  10. Achievement and Awards Certificates
  11. Background check info
  12. Practice tests created by tutor
  13. Tutorials created by tutor
  14. Worksheets created by tutor

These are just one of many items that parent can see.  Parent can even see tutors side by side and compare them.


We optionally provide parents to meet with their tutor face to face for first 15 mins online over video conferencing whiteboard.

We realize that before parent wants to purchase tutor, they simply may want to talk to tutor live before they show up in parent's home in Mamaroneck NY, or see tutor face to face and ask tutor specific questions and see if the tutor is right for them.  Plus it also gives opportunity for tutor to meet parent as well ask any other specific questions prior to being engaged into assignment.  This pre-screening gives lelvel of comfortability for parent before hiring local home tutor, and giving them peace of mind of who they will have their son or daughter being tutored by.  


Invest in Private home tutor today for your child's future of tomorrow

Need personal teachers to help you with your academic needs? Our Tutors servicing Mamaroneck, NY are professional subject matter experts who can help you with your studies. Don’t always think of the money you’ll be spending, think of your child’s future in the hands of these tutors. These tutors in Mamaroneck can immediately attend to your children’s needs in school such as providing homework help and study guides. Having a private tutor for your child is the best way for him/her to learn.

In fact, children with tutors won’t be having difficulties regarding their future exams since these tutors can help them study ahead of time and help them prepare for future examinations. Tutors in Mamaroneck are more than what your class teachers and professors can offer.

The moment you hire these tutors, you can have an instant companion during your studying. Studying may be boring when you do it alone, but with the presence of these tutors, you will be enlightened to learn more, encouraged to be the best, and you will definitely have fun during every tutorial session.What are you waiting for? Grab your phones and dial the number located at the upper right corner of your screen or you may email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




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